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I liked the blob fight. That was crunk fo shizzle. It says in your profile you're 13 not 12!!! Busted! Anyway I liked it. Excellent shading too. Keep it up. I'd like to see a full length cartoon of justthose blobs fighting.
Tip: Use spellcheck.

FBI-06 responds:

Blob fight? Aw u mean at the beggining!
Well i just wanted to start with something crazy!

Love the intro song

"who's that guy? It's the Russian" Very catchy, you should make a series.

simplecity responds:

thanks who knows this may not be the last time you see the russian


no just joking. Don't delete my account plz. I guess I should get busy on TANKMEN 38! By the tie it's done that should be an accurate version number! BTW, who's this Lowell guy everyones talking about?

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I used to play a game like this

What was that gane called for the Apple 2's? Lake something. Anyway I liked it. One thing you should fix is the bug when you're using the keyboard controls and the fish automatically turns right. Also the movie clip collision is off. Sometimes you don't even touch anotherfish and it eats you or visa versa. Try making a movieclip within the movie clip so it just covers the mouth area of the fish or something.

Nothing sepperates this tetris from the rest

1. Submit your games with an icon!
2. Display the level you are on. I noticed ithad points and lines, but no level.
3. Make the background guy appear to be in the background by giving it alpha transparency, or just lower the brightness. I was trying to avoid hitting him at first, looks like he's part of the game.

Good points
1. low file size. I like that because of my dial-up connection. Adding the above 3 things I mentioned, shouldn't increase the file size too much, just a couple kb.

That was nifty.

I found it works better if you have a light on behind you. Good work, 5/5.

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my grandma pums out better tunes

gave me a 0 cause you thought i voted yours down? Check out all your ratings now. Now I voted. U F@&

Hollingsworth responds:

Man, why did you do that?! I gave you a 4.00 you asshole! Fuck, I was trying to tell you that I found the real person (QXC). I was speaking from my mind about the song.It was good but had some problems. But then wanted to cut you a break! God Damn! I don't know who lowered your score but I certainly didn't! If it makes you feel better, I'll give your songs a higher rating, as long as you put my scores where they where.

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